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Any questions sent to Ms. McCormack will be answered on her own page.

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Two of our Advanced Higher students have been selected to take part in an exciting art exhibition which has been organised by the staff at New Craigs Hospital. Kirsty MacLennan and Eleanor MacDonald exhibited work at the gallery in the hospital. Upon entrance to the building, we were met with an exhibition of beautiful work by students from Culloden Academy, Millburn Academy, Charleston Academy, Inverness Royal Academy and Inverness High School. Everyone who walked through the doors of the Hospital were asked to vote for their favorite piece and two winning works were selected.

NC    Nc3  NC1

Above: the works by Eleanor and Kirsty

The Winning works were from Inverness Royal Academy and Inverness High School. Names to follow.


IMG_6625    NC2

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This month we were unanimous about which artwork should take the Artwork of the Month title. Well done to Rebecca Smit in 2D2 for producing this beautiful self protrait. Self portraits are particularly difficult to create and we think that this one has been handled particularly well. Rebecca has created a great 3D effect using shading and her facial proportions are extremely accurate. Well done Rebecca!

rebecca Smit

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The Art Department at Culloden would like to give a huge thanks to Tatiana Peebles at the lovely Quilt Creations Shop on Church Street for donating a brand new sewing machine to us.  The machine has already been put to good use to make some of the gorgeous N5, Int 2,  Higher and Advanced Higher textiles design submissions this year.


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Shona Ann MacLeod in S5 has been working on a beautiful collage piece based on all different kinds of animal patterns and textures. The work uses silhouettes and pattern in a very creative way. Well done Shona Ann for making such lovely work!


Shona Ann has also been working on lino printing using several layers of colour. This work is going to be submitted for the Edinburgh Festival poster competition.  Here are some more examples of Shona Ann’s lovely work.


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Any Questions asked during the Christmas hols.   Leave a comment

S4 Pupils who have contacted me with Questions  please have a look on my  page – Ms McCormack. If you have any more questions, please let me know and I will answer them.  If you have asked me a question, could you  drop me a quick note just to let me know that your questions have been answered and that you are not confuzzled any more, thanks.

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Architectural Design

Higher Art and Design students had their follow up visit to The Maggie Centre presenting  development ideas and prototypes of their designs. Great presentations were given and constructive criticism received. The students are working towards a Christmas internal deadline for Higher Art and Design, but have until March to submit their Designs for a new Maggie Centre for the National competition.


A big “thank you” to staff at Maggie’s and My Airey for making the links.Douglas 2 Douglas Gerry Josh Nikki

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