Advanced Higher Show opening night Tuesday 17th May

Our fantastic advanced higher group are preparing for their show which will run from 16th to 20th May in Culloden Academy’s Art Department. All of their work from throughout the year will be on display. They are all going on to exciting things; Chloe and Chelsea are going to Heriot Watt Borders Campus To study Fashion, Robert is going to Glasgow School of Art to study Drawing and Painting , Katie is going to Grays School of Art to study Painting, Finlay is going to study Engineering in Glasgow and Kirsty is going to study Architectural Technology at UHI. Susie and Caitlin are planning on an Art College application, having chosen to take time to be really sure about which arts based course is right for them while Calum is taking a gap year to do a variety of exciting things.

Chloe’s show is in the fashion and textiles discipline and she has made a beautiful body of work which is based around the human skeleton and which has culminated in a capsule collection.

Robert’s show is based around exploring how to depict human emotions and feelings of anxiety. He has worked with a wide variety of media including drawing, painting and sculpture with various materials to create a show with great visual and emotional impact.

Susie’s  show is inspired by the imagery of microscopic cell structures in the human body. Susie has experimented with all kinds of fibres and techniques in textiles to create an exciting capsule collection.

Caitlin has created an expressive body of work which has a visceral theme and which visually explores the organs and circulatory system of the human body. Her portfolio encompasses a wide variety of 2D and 3D media.

Chelsea’s show is in the fashion and textiles discipline and looks at urban decay as a theme. The textures and colours of rust, peeling paint and degraded surfaces are explored in Chelsea’s work, the culmination of which is an exciting capsule collection.

Kirsty’s show is jewellery based and  is themed around the work of Helena Bonham-Carter. Found objects are encapsulated in brightly coloured felt to create beautifully crafted jewellery pieces.

Finlay has produced an architecture based body of work which is focused on the Scottish Highlands and sustainability. The shapes and forms of indigenous Scottish trees and plant life have inspired Finlay’s imaginative work.

Katie has produced a beautiful show of paintings which are inspired by Scottish landscape and plant life. Indigenous plants and foliage are placed in landscapes with huge, moody, stormy skies evocative of her Stornaway roots.

Calum has created an anthropomorphic character design merging bats, wolves and a human. This design has been created to be a character in the latest Hellboy film. Calum has used a variety of 2D and 3D material to realise his surreal character.

We are looking forward to an exciting show and would love to see you all there on the opening night – Tuesday 17th May.

advanced art show:


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