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In order to complete your Design Unit you must fully complete the Design Brief and Evaluation attached below.
Your Design Brief and Evaluation is worth 8 marks out of the 80 which up for grabs in your Design Unit so you must make sure you complete the task to the best of your ability. Every single mark counts!

To help you complete this task you will find SQA completion notes and a very good Design Brief and Evaluation which was submitted by a past student.




Jamie Snedden Design Evaluation



Important revision : The Visual Elements.

Being able to discuss the ‘VISUAL ELEMENTS’ is very important when you are working on your analyses for your exam. Here is a help sheet to revise so that you are absolutely clear on how to discuss the visual elements:

Explaining The Visual Elements


Here are some critical studies help sheets:

Analysing a piece of Fashion and Textiles Design


Content Form Process Mood

Critical Studies revision checklist 5thyr

Expressive Essay Help Sheet

Vincent Van Gogh Factsheet

Picasso Factsheet

Matisse Factsheet

matisse and textiles

Cezanne Factsheet

Ben Nicholson Factsheet

Banksy Factsheet int2

Cezanne Factsheet int2

Picasso Factsheet int2

Banksy Factsheet

Look on the Standard Grade page for the ‘how to analyse‘ helpsheets on the different design disciplines.


Some Examples of Higher Grade full Expressive units. The Intermediate 2 and Higher grade expressive unit is comprised of one A2 sheet of analytical studies in a variety of media, One A2 sheet of developmental composition studies in a variety of media and one final piece no larger than A2 size.

Eilidh D Investigation
Eilidh D Development
Eilidh D Final Outcome
Lewis M Investigation
Lewis m Development
Lewis M Final Outcome

An Exemplar Design Unit with Graphic Design:



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