Nat. 4,5


Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Try these analysis questions. The more you practise, the better you get! We will mark them for you.

early or nonwestern expressive analysis 1      expressive god analysis 2     Expressive Landscape analysis 5

Expressive Portrait munch analysis 6    Expressive Sculpture analysis 3    Expressive still life analysis 4

fashion analysis 1    Fashion analysis 2    fashion analysis 3    jewellery analysis 3    jewellery analysis2

product chair analysis 1   product sound system 2   product teapot 3

Here are help sheets for your EXPRESSIVE evaluation.

Expressive Evaluation    RR

Evaluation N5 Expressive     KMC

To help with your revision : The Visual Elements. Being able to discuss the ‘VISUAL ELEMENTS’ is very important when you are working on your questions for your exam. Here is a help sheet to revise so that you are absolutely clear on how to discuss the visual elements:

Explaining The Visual Elements

Mr Airey’s  S4 class please note : You will find Mr Airey’s Nat 4/5 Portraiture Question  for homework Due 06/01/14 on his page.




The National Art & Design Courses are very demanding in terms of the amount of work that has to be completed in the time given. To help with time management the Art Department sets internal deadlines as well as adhering to those set by the SQA. In line with school policy we work with parents to help students get the most out of our courses. If homework is late and deadlines are missed we let parents know so pupils, teachers and parents can all manage progress together. The Department has to collect evidence of work completed and the level of that work to make sure that the candidate is keeping good pace and is on target to reach their expected attainment level. SQA need to know the final level for presentation by 31st January 2014 so before that we must have secure evidence on performance. Practical and written work from class, homework and prelim assessment will establish if the candidate has made enough progress to pass the internal elements of the course and to set presentation level. If these internal elements – outlined below – are not complete on time to the appropriate standard the candidate cannot gain an overall award.

Investigation /Research Deadline week starting Monday 2nd December 2013

Analytical Drawing, Theme clearly Established

Artists as Inspiration, Varied Media,

SketchBook/homework, Critical Studies

Art Studies Deadline week starting Monday 2nd December 2013                                    Pass/Fail

Art and Design Prelims

Art and Design Studies 13.30 – 14.40pm Thursday 23rd January 2014

Expressive Added Value 1.20 – 3.20pm

Friday 24th   January    2014                                                                                                                                                                 

Development                   Deadline week starting Monday 3rd February 2014

Ideas, Clear Link to investigation,

Solution Identified, Experimentation

Solution / Added Value                    Deadline week starting Monday 31st March 2014

Link to theme, Link to Investigation, Link to Development,

Link to Art Studies

All work must be mounted and presented to your best standard for possible exhibition in March 2014 and submission along with Design Unit to SQA in April 2014.

National 4, 5 Art and Design

All Design unit should be fully complete by now. If your final piece is still not complete then it is your own responsibility to be coming in during lunchtimes and/or after school to ensure completion. You will not be able to submit to the SQA if you do not have completed work.

nat-3, 4, 5-course information 

Helpsheets are on your teacher’s page.

Examples of Expressive Final Pieces – Added Value

Eilidh S
Lucy M
Stuart w
Katie M
Gillian M
Ellen m
Emma G
Steven C
Ana D
Aaron G

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