S1, S2

S2 Barong Mask Project
S1 Totem Pole Evaluation
S1 Sea Life Still Life Evaluation
Amys still life photo!

2E2 Paintings of Cezanne and Peploe2B1 Paintings of Cezanne and Peploe2D1 Paintings of Cezanne and Peploe

S2 Monochrome Portraits

S1 William Morris Inspired Repeat Pattern Prints

Kieran J
Anna S
Jordan M

 Sketchbook Cover Competition 2010

Congratulations to those who won and those who were highly commended in the sketchbook cover competition.  Very well done to all who entered. It was a really tough decision for the Advanced Higher pupils because there were so many great entries.

Here are the entries which were highly commended:

Liam F
Amy R
Natalie p
Kira H
Janet M
Theresa p
Vicky b
Gemma B
Beatrice G
Yvonne C

Aboriginal Art Project

S1 pupils did a project based around Aboriginals, the indiginous  people of Australia, their art, their lives and their beliefs. These are some examples of Scottish wildlife which they created in the Aboriginal style.

The pupils then created printing blocks from polystyrene tiles which they printed with Expantex (specialist fabric ink) onto different types of fabric. The individual pieces were then sewn together to create a patchwork quilt. This was a ‘composite’ piece which means that everyone’s individual piece was brought together to form one single piece of artwork.

Some examples of relief print work based on different types of birds by S1 pupils.


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