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I will have time for study today Mon 20thMay from 9am – 11.15 and from 1.15pm – 3pm thanks

Blind analysis practise question

design-practise-analysis-question1 (4)

practice baaelizabethan costume gown


Summer Homework S4/5/6 Design

S4 summer Homework

s4-summer-homework graphic

N5 and Higher Evaluation Templates and help notes:

Help notes for Evaluations

Higher Evaluation Design



S2 Homework

Find out about Andy Warhol and the ‘Pop Art@ Movement. I would like you to write a couple of paragraphs telling me about this art movement in your own words. Go and do some good research which means not just going to Wikipaedia and copy pasting!. Proper research please avoiding Wikipaedia and avoiding cut and paste – I WILL KNOW!

Pick a piece by Andy Warhol and a piece by another Pop Artist. Name them, date them and name the artists.

  • What was the media and techniquesthat each artiust used? (How did they make the marks on the surface? Was it paint? Screenprint? Photography process?)
  • What things can you discuss that are similar about the two chossen works?
  • What do you particularly like about each of the two chosen works?

S1 homework


I would like you to find out about the ‘Impressionists’. Using your OWN words, can you write a couple of paragraphs on this art movement.

Pick a single painting by one of the Impressionists. Name it, date it, name the artist and describe what you see in it. Describe as best you can the brushstroke style, the colours and how the light works in the painting. What mood does it give you and why? Why do you like this one in particular? Remember there are no ‘right’ answers in art – just explain well why you think what you think.

Prelim guide for N5 and Higher Students.

Here is the N5 revision checklist —>

Art and Design paper N5 Revision Checklist

SQA Exemplar paper N5   — This is the paper which we looked at today Thursday  (12.01.17) I set you homework for this paper to be in by Monday





the-lobster-dress-by-elsa-schiaparelli-1937    <—Schiaparelli Helpsheet

Here are help notes for your homework:

Summer Holiday Homework N4N5

Summer Holiday Homework Higher

Higher analysing help notes

surrealism powerpoint

Explaining The Visual Elements  —> good Dali documentary  —->  good Kahlo documentary —-> good Magritte documentary —->  another good Magritte documentary    —-> good Gormley documentary  —-> good Magritte website – click on the info links.

Links to past papers




Links above is VG for practice questions  – look at it!

design practise analysis question. good to try

design practise analysis question          expressive analysis practise question



Firstly, it really helps if you follow me and the other art teachers on your Pinterest account. This means that I can send you helpful visuals and helpful information about whoever you are studying and whatever you are developing.

My Pinterest account name is:

MsMcCormack Culloden        Link –>    pinterest

For homework, you are continuing with your 2D development work in both areas of Design and Expressive. I did provide lots of paper but if you did not pick any paper up, then you can go and get very reasonably priced paper and materials at the works or at WHSmith in town. If you like to work in a sketchbook then this is great and I would be very happy if you decided that you prefer working in this way. If you don’t do your development work then you are really setting yourself at a disadvantage with your timescales and reaching your real potential! No qualification worth having is easy and hard work pays off.

Think about using collage and mixed media in your expressive composition development work. Look at my boards on pintrest for inspiration. Keep the quality high – we are looking for some quite heavily and carefully worked development studies. look at my pinterest board on drawn jewellery and textiles design ideas. We are looking for a high level of finish.

I have put lots of good educational films on my pinterest boards about relevant designers and artists and movements. Go have a look.

A great page for exploring the work of Alexander McQueen

Good Tips for your Expressive Analysis Question

Good Tips for your Design Analysis Question

Important revision : The Visual Elements. Being able to discuss the ‘VISUAL ELEMENTS’ is  important when you are working on your analyses for your exam. Here is a help sheet to read so that you are  clear on how to discuss the visual elements:


Some analysis questions to try out:


Click on this link to open up a question which has two answers: a good answer and a bad answer. I would like you to try to mark both of them and bring your marked answers in to me to check that you know what does get a mark and what does not.

Design Analysis Exercise

4th yr homework update 18.02.14

Typical analysis questions for Expressive and for Design which you could use to practise. I will mark any you complete.


Fantasy and Imagination

Old Age, Adolescence, Infancy, The Three Ages (1940) by Salvador Dali oil on canvas (39 × 35cm)

Comment on the subject matter of this piece and how the artist has used composition, colour and texture. What is your opinion of this painting? Give at least two reasons for your answer.

(Don’t forget to pay good attention to the title, medium and size of anything you are given to analyze – it can often be important to help you with your analysis. This one, for example gives good clues as to the meanings in the painting.)

Hints : Describe what you see.   What makes this painting strange or surreal or dreamlike? How is the composition of the painting organised or in other words, how have the different heads been placed? What can you say about the colours used?  What can you say about the mood. This often links with the colour but also in this painting look at things like the background. Surfaces – are there smooth, rough, contrasting surface areas? Describe brushstroke style? Has the subject matter been painted realistically/ naively/ in an abstract manner/ etc. Look carefully at the title – do you think that you can see meanings in the painting?

Odilon Redon ‘Cyclops’,  1914   Oil on Cardboard mounted on Panel 64 × 51 cm

Comment on the subject matter of this piece and how the artist has used composition, colour and created mood.  What is your opinion of this painting? Give at least two reasons for your answer.

Try this one yourself – you can use the Content Form Process Mood helpsheet as a guide but it is important to try one without the helpsheets in front of you because they will not be there during your real exam.

Design Analysis practise questions


Elsa Schiaparelli Skeleton dress, 1938   Silk crêpe, trapunto quilting, cotton wadding

(Take care to pay attention to all the information given in the title – look at the date – sometimes there are things you know about what was happening at that time in society or perhaps there is a linked movement you could talk about.  Sometimes it mentions the fabric used. This is always an important thing to discuss in relation to look and function. )

Comment on this dress, paying particular attention to form, function and use of materials. Do you think that this dress is a successful design? Give at least two reasons for your answer.

Easyjet Uniform, 2010

Discuss this garment in relation to style and fitness for purpose.  Do you think that this is a successful design? Give two reasons for your  answer.

If you are still not sure what the N5 prelim paper will be covering, please click on this guide and have a look.

prelim guide


Click on the link which you want and it will take you to a page with a big heading and a smaller one underneath. Click on the smaller one to open the document.

Analysing a piece of Graphic Design

Analysing a piece of Fasanalysing-a-piece-of-fashion-and-textiles-design-24hion and Textiles Design

Analysing What Makes a Good Jewellery Design

Analysing what makes a good piece of Architectural design

Analysing what makes a good piece of Product Design

Content Form Process Mood

Matisse and Textiles


4 thoughts on “Ms. McCormack

  1. Hi Ms McCormack, Its Nicole Taylor (not sure if you’ll remember me haha!) It has been 2 years since I was last at Culloden Academy, time passes so fast. Thats me finished my HND in fashion and textiles at Aberdeen college and have moved up to Shetland to do a degree in Contemporary Textiles BA (HON) So thats due to start in september. Just wanted to let you know 🙂 I kept meaning to pop in and visit when I home during summer.. might manage it next year! Anyhow i’ve started up a blog on WordPress (Thingymajig.Textiles) thought you might be interested in what I did over the two years since i’ve left school. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of textiles! Nicole. x

  2. Hi Nicole, OF COURSE we all remember you well! You were such a talented student and we always knew that you would do well. Massive congratulations for being accepted onto the BA contemporary textiles at UHI Shetland. I know the contemporary textiles BA in Shetland very well and think that this is a fantastic place to study textiles; with such a deep and rich history of textiles, it seems to me to be the ideal location. We are keeping a display of all of our students’ journeys after leaving school and we will now be able to update your latest news so that everyone can see what students do if they take an art and textiles direction after school. I will also add a link to your blog for our current students to follow – a blog is a great way to show your work and record your progress and we will all be following! It will be lovely for our current advanced highers in particular to see what you are creating on your degree course.

    It has been lovely to hear from you and very best of luck on your BA. Keep in touch and if you can manage by the school any time, then it would be lovely to see you.

    Ms. McCormack, miss. Reid, mrs. Hay and Mr. Airey

  3. Thank you! Forgot to say it was Year 2 I got into in the contemporary textiles course. Thrown into the deep end with learning all the machinery! Thank you for sharing my blog and I will try to come visit it’ll be really interesting to see whats changed etc! Nicole x

  4. Delighted to visit the 6th form art exhibition – especially the video display.

    (You may enjoy reading a comedy fictional blog I wrote about 2 wouldbe designer fashionistas, over the top dramatic and living in the Highlands – as part of building a backstory for a comedy script about them. )

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