Mr. Airey

Higher/Nat 5 and Nat 4  Class of 2016/17

Welcome to all my new students!

Keep visiting this site as homework and other useful information will be posted here.

S4 (4A1) Homework

C5Sinclair C5, 1985

Plastic body and a chassis.  Battery powered Electric motor‎ with a Range‎ of 20 miles and a  maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.

The Sinclair C5 failed to take of in Britain and was known as a “notorious … example of failure”.

Why do you think this product failed?

Refer to the following:

  • function;
  • technology
  •  target market.

You are aiming for 3 points for each aspect.  Hand into me Block 1 Friday 9th September.



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