Mrs. Hay

If you are still not sure what the N5 prelim paper will be covering, please click on this guide and have a look.

prelim guide

S4 Homework due in for January 10th

For your homework over Christmas, I would like you to have completed the analysis part of your essay on your chosen piece by Samuel Peploe

I would then like you to decide which second artist that you want to choose for the second part of your expressive essay.

The artist has to also be in the area of Still Life.

  • Elizabeth Blackadder
  • Ben Nicholson
  • Susan Abbott
  • Picasso
  • Giorgio Morandi

Once you have decided on your second chosen artist, then I would like you to begin to research him or her in the same way that you have done with your first artist, Samuel Peploe.

To begin the second artist of your essay, write a brief Biography. Include things like, date of birth, death if not still alive, nationality and possibly if you can find information, then a little about their background and how they became involved in art, where trained, etc.

This is the homework which has to be done. You need to have chosen your artist and written the biography. Now if you feel like moving on and writing about their art as we did with Peploe, then this would be great because it will mean that you will be ahead for the new term. I will leave this as optional.

For your practical work, take home your concertina booklet on The Scottish Colourists and create a cover in the way that we have discussed. This is not optional and does need to be completed by the 6th January.

Practise analysis Question – Still Life

Table by a Window by Jean Metzinger (1917) oil on canvas  (81·3 × 65.1cm)
Comment on the artist’s use of shape, colour and pattern in this work.

What is your opinion of this composition? Give at least two reasons for your answer.

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