Ms. Reid

Click here to see S4 Expressive Landscapes. You must select a historical and contemporary artist for your project work.





2 thoughts on “Ms. Reid

  1. Hi Ms Reid,
    I ventured on to the Culloden Academy website and was really pleased to see you are now head of department. I’m not sure if you remember me but I am pretty sure you taught me in your first year out from uni! It may be a bit strange to email out of the blue but as a teacher myself these days I know how great it is when you know you had an effect on students. I was never a great art student but still remember much of what you all taught me, supporting me through my standard grade art and going on to complete an MA (Hons) in Architectural Design at Edinburgh. As an Assistant Principal in a large primary school near Sydney, Australia I am now responsible for supervising our art and music programs! Who would have thought? Thank you again for your patience and guidance.
    Kind regards,
    Chris Hopkins

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