Summer Holiday Homework

So the end of the holiday is close. We hope you’ve all had a great summer break and are ready to hit the ground running! Everyone in S4 S5 S6 was given very important homework. Please make sure that you have done your best and have it ready for the beginning of the new term.



A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all of our students on this year’s results. We are so, so proud of you all! Well done! You are all super⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️s 😄!


We have started a Twitter account to remind you about homework and to help if you have any homework problems or questions. You can follow us on ‘Culloden Academy Art’. It will be easier for you to ask questions and it is helpful for reminding you about deadlines. Quite a few of you have requested that we start a Twitter account so it is now up and running. We will not follow you and will not look at your own Twitter accounts – anyway, we should not be able to because your Twitter account should be set to private and if it is not then why not? You should be more internet smart than that! There are a few departments who have now set up Twitter accounts and pupils have said that they do find it very helpful for homework.


Preparation for Exams

Study leavers, if you have arranged with teachers to come in for study help then now is the time. A good thing to do is go to the SQA site for past and specimen papers. Also, it is essential that you come in and get all of your study material out of your big folders. Many have left a great deal of important study materials in their folders which is of course needed for study! If not sure about anything then come in! You could also contact your teacher via pinterest. Ms McCormack’s class go to my page for details.

Hairspray Poster Design

S1 and S2 classes have been working on the poster design for the forthcoming production, ‘Hairspray The Musical’. We had many great designs but finally a group of teachers from the Drama and Art departments chose the winner. Well done Kieran S for creating the winning design.



Tickets are available to book online at:

You can also call the school office on 01463 790851

BBC ‘The Little Painting Challenge’

The BBC are launching an exciting new competition linked to ‘The Big Painting Challenge’ TV programme which is on BBC 1 on Sundays at 6pm. The competition has different categories ranging from the age 7 – 15 category to the 16+ category and then on to the 16+ ‘experienced’ category.  The work would be postcard sized (A6) and you would create your artwork on the blank side of the postcard and then just put the address onto the other side, put a stamp onto it and pop it into the post. 1000 of the best entries including the winners will be exhibited in the newly refurbished Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester from the 4th of May 2015. This is a great opportunity for all!

Here is the link to the site for more information:

The Little Painting Challenge

Latest News February 2015

Art and Design

Another very busy term – congratulations to those certificate students meeting deadlines and good luck to those with reassessment dates. All certificate students are reminded that supported study for homework or folio reinforcement can be accessed in the department at lunch time or after school 3.20-4.30 pm Mon.-Thurs. Please feel free to use the space and support for your work.

Advanced Higher Exhibition 1/11/14

A bus full or eager S5 and S6 students and staff from across Highland headed down to Glasgow Tramway Studios to see this showcase. Our former pupil Kirsty M had her folio on show and was one of the students invited to talk about their work – unfortunately the day after we were there.

Highland Decorative and Fine Art Society

The lecture program has entertained and inspired us on our monthly jaunts to Smithton Free Church Hall – Art of the Nomadic Tribes of Afghanistan, A Scottish Sculptress Madeline Goold on Stone Carving, Palaces of Denmark and Faberge and the Court of the Tsar.

Annual Life Drawing Workshop 22&23/11/14

We would like to thank HDFAS for their continued sponsorship of this class and Dean Melville as tutor. Six of our S5 and S6 survived the rigour of the weekend producing work which showed “progression, great ability and some exceptional talent…..




John Byrne “Sitting Duck” Inverness Museum and Art Gallery 24/11/12

Highland Council partially funded our trip with S3 to this show. After a great talk from Kirsten Body at the gallery our 60 pupils returned to school to write some prose and verse inspired by the work they saw.



These poems, raps, stories and monologues have been submitted to Amy Macleod Creative Arts Development Officer. It is hoped that some will become part of “The Book of Byrne” published to be presented to John Byrne himself to commemorate his successful exhibition which travelled from the National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh to IMAG.

Lizzy N

Jeanine with Flowers

At the rose garden there she stood,

Happily smiling like she would,

Roses surround her with love and care,

She’s beautiful as a rose and I love her.

Emily Dickson and Tamsin Bowden


Beauty is only defined by personality;

And what is on the inside.

Loving heart followed by warm soul,

Every time I look into her eyes,

My feelings grow stronger.

She is love,

She is life,

She is Jeanine.

Jeanine 2010

John Byrne  married Jeanine in 2014.

Self-Portrait with Red Palette

There he stands, looking at me;

Those watchful eyes, what can they see?

Oh that red palette, the one he holds;

Filled with many blues, green and golds.

That striped green cardigan, so stretched and worn;

It had so many holes and was probably torn.

And on his head, was an old bobble hat;

With that gigantic shadow made him look a little fat!

Oh that moustache so proud and glorious;

His hair curly, his eyebrows mysterious.

The wall is blue, blue like the sky;

The floorboards so old, about to crumble and die.

There he stands with his red palette;

And he says to me, “I am the artist”.

By Jonah W S3


28/11/14 Art Department staff then enjoyed the “In Conversation” event held to a packed Town House where John Bryrne and Gordon Brown entertained and enthralled the crowd with words of wisdom and anecdotes from his life and career  as an artist and writer.

 Art as Voice

 S3 Art as Voice

Not Banksy but S3 again – this time displaying their visual communication  skills on issues they feel strongly about – animal testing, inequality, radiation and the economy to name a few.

Congratulations to former pupil

Shaun Fraser who graduated in Glass Design from Edinburgh College of Art has secured a post-graduate place at the Royal College of Art, London starting in September 2015. Shaun completed a residency in Iceland last year so we look forward to hearing more about his continuing adventures.


Continued for most of this term where students and staff explored new techniques and thanks must go to the models especially Mr McCormack who continues to help out at our Studio Sessions after school.

MR McCormack

Lastly – a big thank you to Maja T for helping and Robert M and for his continued work running Art Club. Art Club takes place every Wednesday lunch time throughout term in the department. 




It is vital that you stick to meeting the deadlines set for National and Higher qualifications. If you are not managing to meet the outcomes set then we cannot give you a pass on your internal work. If you do not have a pass on your internal work then we cannot present you for coursework submission. The department as always is open during lunchtime and after school until 4.30.



12th September 2014


  • 2 artists in pullout booklet
  • 3 analytical drawings in varied media
  • Considered development of TWO compositions – 2 ideas


  • 2 designers in pullout booklet
  • Design Style sheet (A3 Photoshop Research Sheet)
  • Considered development of two ideas